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Two out of 3 aint bad
Sunday December 8, 2019. All Stars Media
Last night’s RD 4 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series saw V29 Michael Tancredi lock in his second A main victory for the season.
“After time trialling 13th with a broken bird cage I never thought I would be on the top step at the end of the night. Heat 1 we got put back 2 spots so my frame of mind at the start of the night wasn’t good but we had a good car and it was just a matter of me getting my head right and making it all the way to the end. The boys told me going out for the A to slow down, its 30 laps which is what I did. The car was a rocket all night and I have to thank TB, Anthony, Locky and the rest, they do a rippa job and without them I wouldn’t be able to go racing.” an excited Tancredi said at his postrace interview.

Tancredi won the Pole Shoot out and chose to start the A from P1. V7 Paul Solomon beside him in 2. NT7 Colin Brooks in 3 and VA8 Dan Evans in 4.
Tancredi was fast from the start and was pulling away from the field when young V49 Ricky Clarke who was enjoying his first run with the series hooked a rut and bought on the Reds 8 laps into the race. Clarke was unhurt but gutted as he sat on the infield for the remainder of the A. Again Tancredi pulled away at the start while VA8 Dan Evans and SA96 Brendan Guerin were gaining on Solomon in second. Evans finally worked his way into second then challenged the leader before sustaining rear end damage which bought on the yellows and ended his race. This allowed the field to bunch up again and give Tancredi clean air until lap traffic started to come into play when Solomon made a move and passed Tancredi but couldn’t make it stick. This was a wakeup call for the leader who appeared to find extra speed and pulled away for a deserving win. Top 5 ended up V29 Michael Tancredi, V7 Paul Solomon in 2nd, S96 Brendan Guerin 3rd, NT26 Tony Moule 4th and V16 James Wren.

“A highlight of the night was to watch V75 Mitch Smith pick up his first Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award with a 14.707. The young hard charger is relatively new to the sport this only being his second full season of racing and on what was no doubt an emotional day for the Team it was brilliant to see him rewarded. Having said that the night didn’t finish well as they hurt their engine after Heat 1.” Searle said.

On a heavy race track at Blue Ribbon Raceway teams had their work cut out for them making it an elbows up exciting race and with Santa paying a visit to the kids the good crowd in attendance would have all gone home satisfied.

Heat wins –Scott Enderl, Michael Tancredi, Paul Solomon and Colin Brooks
A Main results: V29 Michael Tancredi, 2nd V7 Paul Solomon, 3rd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 4th NT26 Tony Moule, 5th V16 James Wren, 6th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 7th NT7 Colin Brooks, 8th SA11 Scott Enderl, 9th VA99 Corey Sandow, 10th VA2 Boyd Harris, 11th SA33 Mark Caruso, 12th VA82 Mathew O’Shannassy-DNF, 13th VA8 Dan Evans-DNF, 14th VA10 Steven Loader-DNF, 15th V49 Ricky Clarke-DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –James Wren - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Scott Enderl – set seat belts
Hoosier Hero – Michael Tancredi – Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Colin Brooks - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – James Wren - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –Jarman Dalitz - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mitch Smith – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Mark Caruso
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Tony Moule

All Stars visit the Wimmera
Thursday December 5, 2019. All Stars Media
After a thrilling night’s racing last Saturday night at Murray Bridge Speedway the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series will at Blue Ribbon Raceway this Saturday night. “We get to visit Blue Ribbon two times this season, Saturday night and again in February 2020. Blue Ribbon is one of our favourite race tracks. It’s big, wide and racy.” Promoter Mandy Searle said.

“Last time we visited Horsham we celebrated our 100th series round which was very special and no doubt it will be another great show and the crowd can expect some exciting racing.”

Currently leading the Championship is V29 Michael Tancredi with 1010 points; SA33 Mark Caruso is on 991, VA8 Daniel Evans 981, NT26 Tony Moule 974 and SA95 Jarman Dalitz on 962 rounding out the top 5.

Tancredi took out RD2 at Heartland Raceway but didn’t manage to get the job done at Murray Bridge. Tancredi is a thrill a minute racer and exciting to watch. Mark Caruso’s SA33 Cool was also fast last weekend and made it to the podium at his home track.

VA8 Daniel Evans is driving for Mildura based Shaun McClure and is one of the hard chargers of the series. He started in P14 last Saturday and drove his way up to 4th place. SA95 Jarman Dalitz is one of the most consistent series racer.

The quietly spoken Dalitz is always clean and works his way through the field quietly until he is toward the front. After sitting out the latter half of the series last season he has already locked in 2 top 7 results, he will be another one to watch.

NT26 Tony Moule still holds the title for the ‘most A Main wins ‘of the series and would love nothing more than to lock another one in. Past Champions NT7 Colin Brooks and V7 Paul Solomon, SA32 Ben Gartner, SA11 Scott Enderl just to name a few will be looking for their first podium for the season.

Rookie racer and hard charger V75 Mitch Smith is another youngster that keeps getting quicker each time he hits the track. Throw in a couple of rookies into the mix and the night will be spectacular.

On track action starts at 6.00 – Blue Ribbon Raceway, 1650 Blue Ribbon Road, Kalkee

Another new winner for the record books
Sunday December 1, 2019. All Stars Media
Last night’s RD3 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series saw Terry Pitt in the Peake Machinery Maintenance Engineering SA8 lock in his first series A Main win.

An elated Pitt said at the post race interview “it was an awesome night, we started slow and kinda worked our way into it, we rolled out the bottom for the final, the track suited us and made for good racing. We got a bit lucky tonight, things went our way but we took our chances and made the most of it. It’s a big family deal, my brother and dad do a heap of hours in the shed just to get this deal ready. Brad, my wife and the kids are always with us in the shed. It’s a family deal and that’s the way we love it. ”

The line-up for the A looked strong with SA52 Matt Egel and V29 Michael Tancredi starting on pole with SA33 Mark Caruso 3rd, VA8 Dan Evans in 4th. Egel got the start with Tancredi close behind. Unfortunately going into 4 Tancredi pushed up high and almost turned it around leaving VA8 Evans, NT26 Tony Moule and SA42 Jamie Hendry nowhere to go bringing on the yellows. All 4 cars were good to restart but leaving Tancredi going to the very rear.

The restart line up order now moved SA8 Terry Pitt into P2 for the start. Egel again got the start with Caruso and Pitt close behind him. Driving the Whyalla Earthworks SA52 Egel pulled away from the field, lap after lap cutting thru the traffic and gaining a huge lead. With only 9 laps to go he got caught up with lap traffic unfortunately ending his night. Mark Caruso & Terry Pitt had been dicing each other fighting for 2nd and third with Pitt finally winning the battle.
At the restart with 9 to go Pitt stayed out front with Mark Caruso and brother Steven Caruso hot on his tail tank. Hard charger VA8 Dan Evans had worked his way up after starting from the rear at first restart finished 4th. SA11 Scott Enderl picking up a well-deserved 5th.
SA95 Jarman Dalitz, NT7 Colin Brooks, NT26 Tony Moule, V75 Mitch Smith, V7 Paul Solomon were all having their own race mid pack with some spectacular moves by all trying to gain positions on each other. Rookie racers to the series in VA10 Steven Loader had a great night managing to time trial in position 5 overall and finish 12th in the quality A Main field. Whilst Mildura based VA99 Corey Sandow showed consistency and secured another A Main finish. Unfortunately Marus Green in the Skidmore owned V71’s night was cut short with engine failure.

Heat wins – Tony Moule, Matt Egel, Mark Caruso, Paul Solomon
A Main results: SA8 Terry Pitt, 2nd SA33 Mark Caruso, 3rd SA10 Steven Caruso 4th VA8 Dan Evans, 5th Scott Enderl, 6th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 7th NT7 Colin Brooks, 8th NT26 Tony Moule, 9th V75 Mitch Smith, 10th V7 Paul Solomon, 11th V29 Michael Tancredi, 12th VA10 Steven Loader, 13th SA42 Jamie Hendry-14th SA91 Brent Fox 15th VA99 Corey Sandow, 16th- SA32 Ben Gartner-DNF, 17th SA52 Matt Egel-DNF.

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –Jamie Hendry - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Tony Moule – set seat belts
Hoosier Hero – Terry Pitt – Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Colin Brooks - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – no winner - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –Steven Loader - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso with an 11.910 – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Corey Sandow
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Daniel Evans

The Flocon river runs to Murray Bridge
Thursday November 28, 2019. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is at Murray Bridge Speedway this Saturday night for RD3 of the Flocon ‘King of the River’. “We have crossed the Murray River at Mildura, Moama and now at Murray Bridge. All 3 towns picturesque and we love visiting them, especially when we have the chance to throw in a race meeting” Searle tells us.
The River Run is over 4 shows which are all based along the Murray River and has $2000 to win purse.

Taking out the A Main last weekend Michael Tancredi’s V29 Cool is currently leading the Flocon ‘King of the River’ and will be keen for another podium. Tancredi won at the Bridge least season and enjoys running at the high banked venue. Defending Series Mark Caruso SA33 Cool will be looking for a better result at his home track after finishing the main on the infield at the last show.

Current SA 360 Champion Daniel Evans will again be piloting the VA8 Maxim for Shaun McClure. McClure and Evans have only just put this deal together and already showing speed and the team will no doubt get stronger each time they hit the track. After a strong run from the rear to 3rd at Moama NT26 MCF Trailers Maxim Tony Moule will be another charger to watch.

After sitting out for a few seasons the NT 7 ART of Colin Brooks looked fast each time he hit the track and will again be strong this weekend after already running at Murray Bridge this season. V7 Paul Solomon in the Melbourne Malibu Triple X, SA10 Steven Caruso, SA95 Jarman Dalitz, V16 James Wren, the young guns of V75 Mitch Smith and V71 Marcus Green will all be trying for strong results on the night.
Car owners of the V71 have had a busy week rebuilding the car after a huge crash at RD2 which ended Greens night prematurely. 410 hot shot Matt Egel is putting a 360 in for the night. Egel has run with the series many times before and always races to win. Rookie racers of Loader, Sandow & Fox are also hoping for some good laps.
After hurting an engine at Moama unfortunately Legend Farmer ‘Phil’ Lock will miss his 2nd show in the history of the series. “We rushed home to get it out and to the engine builders but unfortunately there was a fare bit of damage. We are sourcing parts now but couldn’t get them together in time. We are bitterly disappointed to miss the show.” Phil told us. “We had several teams offer us an engine to help us out but I just don’t feel comfortable doing this. Hopefully we are back for Horsham.” said Lock.
On track action starts from 5.00pm. November 30th Murray Bridge Speedway.

Tancredi lock’s in the Series opener
Sunday November 17, 2019. All Stars Media
Night one of the season started off well for V29 Michael Tancredi time trialling in the top 5, picking up a heat win and locking in his first A Main for the season in the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series.
“It was a really good track, nice and wide and racy and allowed for racing from the back without wearing tyres. I didn’t know all the carnage going on behind me. The good thing about this place is it is so big you can survive these incidents. The car was great to drive and I have to thank my team for this.” said a very happy Tancredi at the post race interview.

The line-up for the A looked strong with Tancredi starting on pole with SA33 Mark Caruso in 2, NT7 Colin Brooks in 3rd, VA8 Dan Evans 4th, V75 Mitch Foster 5th and NT26 Tony Moule 6th. On lap 1 Tancredi took the lead then going into 3 &4 Brooks rode a wheel of Evans leaving the front runners nowhere to go. The incident involved Brooks, Evans, Caruso & Moule.
With an open red being called it allowed Evans, Wren, Smith & Sandow to change their damaged tires and restart also. Brooks was unfortunately out but the rest could restart but with the line-up order changing dramatically. SA33 Caruso and NT26 Moule had to start from the back. Tancredi went on to pull away from the field, NSW 36 Eddie Lumber survived all the carnage at the start finished in 2nd rewarding his team with a podium for bringing out the 360 for the night.
NT26 Moule had to work his way up from the back and did so charging up into 3rd after a handful of laps. SA95 Jarman Dalitz made a return to the series and after starting out the night out with brake issues finished with a strong with a 4th place result. V16 James Wren was another that started with engine issues in hot laps but sorted them out and Wren picked up 5th place.

Caruso bought out the reds on lap 20 going hard into the turn 4 wall and ended his night. Young hard charger Mitch Smith’s V75 had a great night and locked into the Pole Shoot Out. Farmer Phil Locks season got off to a shocker after hurting his engine in the Heats. Young charger Jordyn Charge’s V60 was sidelined all night with engine damage in Time Trials.

“We have to again thank the team at Heartland, Dave and the boys put on a fantastic race track for us and we were so relieved to finally get our first show done. All the teams raced well with their own personal ambitions being achieved.” Promoter Searle said at the end of the night.

Heat wins – Eddie Lumbar, Dan Evans, Mark Caruso & Michael Tancredi

A Main results: V29 Michael Tancredi, 2nd NSW36 Eddie Lumbar, 3rd NT26 Tony Moule, 4th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 5th V16 James Wren, 6th V75 Mitch Smith, 7th VA8 Dan Evans, 8th V7 Paul Solomon, 9th V78 Chris Campbell, 10th NSW 38 Shaun Forrell, 11th VA2 Boyd Harris,12th VA99 Corey Sandow, 13th SA33 Mark Caruso-DNF, 14th VA10 Steven Loader, 15th NT7 Colin Brooks.

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –James Wren- $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Chris Campbell – set seat belts
Hoosier Hero – Michael Tancredi – Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Paul Solomon - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Boyd Harris - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –Mitch Smith - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Corey Sandow
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Jarman Dalitz

Let’s try again
Thursday November 14, 2019. All Stars Media
“I said it two weeks ago and now I will say it again - Finally we are about to kick off our 13th season for the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Heartland Raceway, this Saturday night – Nov 16. We were bitterly disappointed not being able to get a show in at Mildura but the Timmis Speedway Committee made the correct decision. As everyone knows rain outs are horrible but at least we didn’t get all our cars out and wheel pack for nothing.” Searle said

The Flocon King of the River will now be over 3 rounds but still pays $2K to the winner. Moama this Saturday, Murray Bridge on Nov 30th and final at Mildura on Dec 28th.

Series champ SA33 Mark Caruso slotted his 410 in last weekend to run USC at Murray Bridge but is back with the 360 to defend his championship. NT7 Hutchins / Brooks team was another to gain laps after running at Murray Bridge last weekend also.

Daniel Evans will be driving for Shaun McClure in the VA8, with the washout proved positive for Evans after getting steel in his eye the week before Mildura which meant he had to withdraw from the show but with 2 weeks healing time he is good to go. ‘Farmer’ Phil Lock celebrated his 100th anniversary the last time the series was at Moama and Saturday night will be his 105th show proving his true dedication to the Series. V7 Paul Solomon ran his 410 at Avalon last weekend and gained more laps to start the season off.

Young hard charger Mitch Smith battled the 410’s with his 360 also at Avalon to get more experience under his belt in the V75. V60 Jordyn Charge has chosen to slot their 360 in this weekend; the talented youngster has been on the podium several times with the series and will be looking for another strong result.

Series regulars V16 James Wren, NT26 Tony Moule, SA95 Jarman Dalitz, SA32 Ben Gartner just to name a few are locked in. Series Rookies Green V71, Loader VA10 & Sandow VA99 all looking for a strong start to the season.

With the usual All Star giveaways, posters, driver autograph signing it will be lots a family fun.

On track action starts from 6.00pm. November 16th Heartland Raceway, Moama

Farmers delight
Monday November 4, 2019. All Stars Media
Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series – Farmers delight

With constant and heavy showers persisting the Col Beasley Classic had to succumb to the elements and the event was declared just before lunch time.
“This was not the way we wanted to kick off our season but we believe Timmis Speedway made the right decision with more showers forecast for the afternoon.
The venues spectator area and pits had become waterlogged and with more showers on the radar would have only become worse. It’s a no win situation for anyone and leaves everyone feeling disappointed.
We have to thank all our travelling teams for driving to Mildura for a counter lunch and then turning back home. ”said Searle. “Now we just have to move on and focus on our next show at Heartland Raceway on November 16th for RD2 of the Flocon King of the River.”
Discussions will be held shortly with Timmis Speedway Committee to try and reschedule the Col Beasley Classic and announced as soon as possible.

4th Annual Col Beasley Classic
Thursday October 31, 2019. All Stars Media
“Finally we are about to kick off our 13th season of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Timmis Speedway, this Sat night – Nov 2nd.. I can’t wait to see all our old teams, meet our new teams and be back at Mildura again for our opening night. With a star studded line up including 3 past Series Champs what a cool way to kick off our season with the Col Beasley Classic incorporating RD1. As everyone remembers Col was a well-loved bloke around Mildura and passionate sprintcar competitor. He ran with us back in the day and we are really honoured to be able to hold this 4th tribute night in his honour. ” says Mandy Searle Series Promoter.

Back by popular demand is the ‘King of the River’ with a new sponsor on board. Flocon have picked up the naming rights for this mini-series and Mildura will be Round 1 of the 4 rounds which are all based along the Murray River and has a $2000 to win purse
Defending Beasley Classic winner Daniel Evans will be driving for Shaun McClure in the VA8. McClure put a deal together for Evans after he announced he would be sitting out the season. ‘Farmer’ Phil Lock is backing up for his 13th season and Saturday night will be his 105th show proving his true dedication to the Series.

Current Series champ SA33 Mark Caruso has again contracted to the series and this season will be joined by his brother Steve in the SA10 Cool. Steve recently took out bragging rights over his brother at Murray Bridge so expect some revenge for the podium. Hard Charger Michael Tancredi has also contracted for the season. The V29 had his first hit out last Saturday night at Avalon in his 410 in preparation for Mildura. Showing speed with the 410 Tancredi will be one to watch with his 360 slotted back in.

V7 Paul Solomon has also contracted for the season. A name from the past and also another past series champion is Colin Brooks. Brooks won the series back in 2010 while driving the Tony Bartlett owned SA75. Brooks has been contracted by Ken Hutchins to drive his NT7. Over the past few season Hutchins & Solomon had teamed up together but this year sees them in different camps. Series regulars V16 James Wren, NT26 Tony Moule, SA95 Jarman Dalitz, SA32 Ben Gartner just to name a few are locked in. Throw into the mix a couple of hard charging youngsters Smith & Green as well as a couple of Rookies Loader & Sandow for the Beasley Classic with all looking for a strong start to the season.

With the usual All Star giveaways, posters, driver autograph signing it will be lots a family fun.

On track action starts from 5.00pm. November 2nd Timmis Speedway, Mildura.

Oval Express QT Award
Wednesday October 23, 2019. All Stars Media
Oval Express Magazine have been supporting and promoting speedway with the production of their magazine for over 20 years now and whilst producing a top quality product they have also supported drivers, race tracks, series and different division’s throughout this time.

They are continuing their support of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers Series and offering a driver the chance to win a 12 month subscription of the magazine for the winner of the Quick Time Award at every series round.

“Oval Express Magazines Phil & Michelle Jordison have been long term supporters of the Series and 360’s. We quite often get repeat winners of the Quick Time Award but if this does occur OE allow this prize to be shared between driver, car owners or crews. So anyone on the winner’s team can be rewarded.

I had one driver nominate as a contracted driver for the series, he was the quickest to do so and when I told him this he asked me - Do I get a OE 12 month subscription for it?. To continue to have ties with a quality production like Oval Express is a bonus for us.” says Searle.

$2,000 up for grabs for the All Stars ‘Flocon King of the River’
Friday October 18, 2019. All Stars Media

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series travel along the Murray River region several times and are pleased to announce that the ‘King of the River’ mini-series is back for the 2019-20 season. “We are also excited to welcome Flocon Engineering on board as the major sponsor for this.

It will be for 4 rounds out of the first 5 of the Series which are all located along the Murray River. The winner will pick up $2000 and will be crowned at Timmis Speedway at the December 28th show. Flocon are a new sponsor for us and we can’t thank them enough for their support allowing us to pay out this fantastic prize.

We started the King of the River mini-series a couple of years ago as a bit of fun and it has been growing in popularity each year. SA44 Dan Evans won last season and joined the prestigious list of names that is starting to develop for our mini-series.” Says Mandy Searle

Not only are Flocon sponsoring the King of the River they have also decided to sponsor the Flocon Lucky 7. This award is for 7th place in the A Main and the winner picks up $100 bonus.

Established in 1976 Flocon Engineering is an Australian Owned Family Company based in Hallam with its Road Maintenance Equipment sold throughout the world. They provide a vast range of manufactured equipment for the road rehabilitation and construction industry. “The name Flocon has been involved with speedway over the years and we are really pleased that they choose us to be involved for their return.” Searle said.

The tracks involved are Timmis Speedway, Mildura - RD 1, Heartland Raceway, Moama, N.S.W – RD 2, Murray Bridge Speedway, SA - RD 3 and concluding at Timmis Speedway, Mildura - RD5. Points are based on the A Main series points only with double points for the final round. To be eligible for this the driver must compete at all 5 shows.

The preferred tyre again is Hoosier
Wednesday October 16, 2019. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is pleased to announce that Hoosier Tire Australia have again locked in as a major sponsor for the upcoming 2019 – 2020 season. The WAV tyre will continue to be used as the right rear control tyre for all Series rounds.

“Max Dumesny from Hoosier Tire Australia has supported the Series since it started, and to have them continue to give us this support for their 12th season is fantastic.” Mandy Searle, Series Promoter tells us.

“Again this season we are able to present every feature winner with a Right Rear WAV tyre as well as $1100 in prize money.

This tyre is also used by the Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria for the Eureka Garage & Shed Series and works really well again for all competitors having the same control tyre giving them consistency. As we advised our teams late last season the WAV16 tyre will not be allowed to be used. ” Searle says.

The All Star Bar Up 8 tradition
Monday October 14, 2019. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series Bar Up 8 Award continues for another season. “Shaun Forrell, Proprietor of Bar Up Bullbars is a great supporter of the Series as both a sponsor and a driver. Shaun has been racing with the series since we started and attends as many shows as his commitments allow. His dedication to 360 racing is awesome and we really do appreciate it.” Promoter Searle says
“A couple of months ago I was at a race meeting at Winton for the TCM class and spotted a very cool Bar on the front of the Brad Jones Racing hauler and yes of course it was a Bar Up Bar. This again highlights how popular their product is.”

Bar Up Bullbars has again offered to continue with some cool prizes to the driver that finishes in 8th place in the A Main at every round.
Bar Up Bullbars are located at 293 Copland St East Wagga Wagga, NSW and specialise in manufacturing Bullbars and bumpers (including FUPS-Front Underrun Protection) for all types of trucks. For general enquiries call us on (02) 6971 0129 or check out the web site www.barupbullbars.com.au

Vortex Racing Product’s support 360’s
Friday October 11, 2019. All Stars Media
Paul & Lynton Jeffrey of Vortex Racing Products has again offered to supply the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series with an Outlaw Top wing for their End of Season Championship. The “Vortex Altitude Award” is presented to the driver with the most & biggest roll over’s for the season.

“Our Vortex Altitude Award has become one of our popular traditions with them sponsoring us since our second season. We cannot thank Paul and Lynton enough for their loyalty to our series and without companies like these we cannot reward our drivers to the same level that we do.” Searle said.

It might seem a bit ironic but last season Mark Caruso won the Top wing. Caruso was the series Champion but along the way managed a couple of spectacular roll overs making him eligible. He certainly appreciated the Vortex Outlaw Top wing at the end of season to kick start his 19-20 season off.

Check out the Vortex web site www.vortexracingproducts.com.au for full information on their products or email Paul Jeffrey at pauljeffrey1@bigpond.com and support the ones that support us.

BK Racing TI Components secured for the All Stars
Wednesday October 9, 2019. All Stars Media

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series are thrilled to announce that support from BK Racing TI Components has been locked in for the second season. Brendan Telfer formed the company a few short years ago and has grown into a highly recommended supplier of Speedway Titanium race car components.
His products are used by many top name teams in both Australia and the USA, the likes of Ian Madsen, Aaron Reutzel, Jamie Veal and our very own Michael Tancredi just to name a few.
Tancredi won the prize last season and is impressed with the product and service. BK Racing have recently moved recently moved their base to South Australia allowing them easier access to customers.
A Full titanium sprintcar bolt kit will be presented to the Driver that finishes in 4th place the most number of times in the A Main over the season. “Brendan is also a well know Crew Chief and has worked for many top teams in both Australia and America over the years and he knows what it feels like to finish just off the podium.
This way the guy that comes 4th the most times is also rewarded for his efforts. We are pleased with this suggestion as it falls in line with our idea of recognizing all our teams and not just the winners.” Promoter Searle says. The Complete TI bolt kit is valued at $1760.00
With over 325 pieces in the kit they are purposely built to suit your car. Another advantage the kits have is every part is labelled with the exact position it's intended for, so no more guessing where this bolt and nut goes.
Check out Face Book at BK Racing TI components, Web site at www.bkticomponents.com email bk_racing@outlook.com or simply phone Brendan on 0458 004381

All Star Challenge record breaking prize money
Saturday October 5, 2019. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series in conjunction with Heystbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway are pleased to announce that to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the All Star Challenge the show will have a boost in prize money.

Both parties met recently to discuss the anniversary of this event and how to celebrate it. It was decided to increase the purse at the back of the field this time instead of the front, and as a result of this will pay $1000 to start the show.

“The Simpson Speedway Committee has the same goals as we do for this show and that is making it the most prestigious and richest 360 show in Australia. We now have $10K to win and $1K for 20th. This is serious money up for grabs.
When we first introduced the show all those years ago we started off at $5K to win and $500 to start and we were pretty pumped to be able to offer that; but now both of these have doubled.
The total purse on offer now is $32,500.
We are also looking at paying out contingency prizes for the B Main which will be advised when confirmed. Last year’s race had everyone pumped and telling us it was the best race they had seen and hopefully this incentive will make it happen again this season. So make sure you lock in Saturday January 18th 2020”. Mandy Searle said

All Stars are pumped to announce increased Series Championship pa
Thursday September 12, 2019. All Stars Media
With the season only weeks away now for the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series they have been busy locking in sponsors and as announced earlier in the year are rapt to lock in Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers again as the naming rights sponsor.
“This is the 10th season they have been involved with the series and we honestly cannot thank them enough. The first 2 seasons Mainline took on naming rights for the All Star Challenge which was $5,000 to win back then.
The third year Mainline became naming rights for the Series. Our $5k to win show now boasts of $10K to win. Andrew Elder is a great supporter of not only us but several other teams also. His generosity and belief in what we do is humbling” Searle tells us.
“We are now very excited to announce that this season we will be paying $10K to win the Series. Yes, that’s $10,000 for 1st place in the End of Season Championship. This now builds the series payout up to $22,000 overall.
The End of Season Championship payout is for the top 10 in points with the only stipulation being that cars must comply with the Series regulations.
We still have all our regular series awards and nightly prizes and we are still working on some new ones. But for now we can announce that Hoosier Tires are back with the A Main Winner receiving a free WAV Right rear tire each night. Hoosier Tires supply the WAV right rear control tire for the series.
Bar Up Bull Bars are also back with us again for the 10th season with the Bar Up 8 Award for the A Main each night. Shaun Forrell owner of Bar Up Bull Bars in Wagga Wagga has been a strong supporter of ours both competing with us over the years and also sponsoring us. I am pretty excited to announce this increased money and hopefully so will our teams. This is serious money on offer and it would be awesome if we could encourage a couple of new teams to run with us. Promoter Searle says.
All Stars pumped for 2019-20
Friday June 21, 2019. All Stars Media
For the 13th time the All Star Series are very pleased to announce their race schedule for the oncoming season and also for the 8th time announce that Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers have recommitted as naming rights sponsor. “Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers have been with us for a long time and we cannot thank Andrew Elder and the team at Mainline for believing in us and coming back on board again this season. They initially took on naming rights of the All Star Challenge for 2 years before taking on naming rights of the series itself, back then the Challenge paid $5000 to win and is now $10,000 to win; this season we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show. As everyone knows securing sponsors isn’t an easy thing and to keep them for so long is even harder, we cannot thank them enough.” says Promoter Searle.

The series will kick off the season at Timmis Speedway, Mildura and then head to Heartland Raceway, Moama. Murray Bridge Speedway is next on the calendar. Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham have taken on 2 rounds after traditionally only having one. “We hope this early start to their race season works well for both of us.” Searle says. The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge is back at Simpson in January 2020. The Series Final is traditionally being held at Timmis Speedway, Mildura again. Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier have again locked in the Tyson Perez Memorial but requested a later date in March to run this.

Dates are –

November 2 - Timmis Speedway, Mildura. VIC

November 16 - Heartland Raceway, Moama, NSW

November 30 - Murray Bridge Speedway, Murray Bridge, SA

December 7 - Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham, VIC

December 28 - Timmis Speedway, Mildura VIC

January 18 - $10K to win All Star Challenge, Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway, VIC

February 1 - Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham, VIC

February 8 - Heartland Raceway, Moama, NSW

February 15 - Sunline Speedway, Waikerie. SA

February 29 - Timmis Speedway, Mildura. VIC

March 21 - Tyson Perez Memorial. Borderline Speedway - Mount Gambier, SA

“Dates have been changed around a bit this season to work in with the venue operators and other major 360 shows in the State. Having the Australian 360 Title at Simpson this season and also the 360 Victorian State Title at Warrnambool is awesome for our teams really making it an exciting season for them. Only 4 months to go now and everyone knows that I am counting down already. ” Searle says.

All Star Challenge & The Spud both locked in for 2019-20
Tuesday April 16, 2019. All Stars Media
With this season now completed plans are already in place for the 2 major events on the series calendar. “Both events will be celebrating their 10th birthday which is a fantastic achievement. With almost $40K on offer for these 2 shows already we have pretty good money on offer but if we could increase it that would be great.” Searle says.
The dates are:
The All Star Challenge is on January 18th 2020 at Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway and the Tyson Perez Memorial is on March 21st 2020 at Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier, SA
The 360 Australian Title is being held at Simpson on March 7th & 8th the All Star Challenge will give teams a great opportunity to have a run on the track before it, or schedule in the Spud show which is a fortnight after it.
“We are currently working on the rest of our calendar for the oncoming season and release these very shortly. We would also like to mention that if anyone would like to advertise with either of these shows please contact me.” Searle tells us...

All Stars honour their teams
Thursday April 4, 2019. All Stars Media
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer’s All Star Series were pleased to get the opportunity to congratulate their Drivers, Teams and Sponsors at the end of season Presentation Pit Party at Timmis Speedway last Saturday night. A large crowd stayed for the ‘Awards’ ceremony held at the end of the night.

In what has become an All Star tradition the show kicked off with a video presentation highlighting the end of a very successful 12th season. “This is a fantastic way start the formalities and reminds teams of what they have achieved over the past 12 shows; we are not too good at formal so making them laugh before we start I believe is a good thing. The lay back Pit Party has been a favourite for all our teams over the years so that’s why we stuck with it again. ” Searle says.

And the accolades went to:

Outstanding Achievement – Evans Family Racing
H’s Star Award – Mark Caruso
Best Presented Car & Crew – Michael Tancredi – 2nd year in a row
Crew Chief of the Year – Byron Phillips
Most Improved – Brendan Guerin - Winning 4 Max Wheels from Max Dumesny Motorsport
Mr Consistency Award – James Wren
Vortex Altitude Award – Mark Caruso - Winning an Outlaw Top wing from Vortex Racing Products
Rob Barker Encouragement Award – BJ Harris.
Drivers Driver –Phil Lock – Winning a Velocita Helmet
Velocita Lucky Draw – Phil Lock – Winning a Velocita Custom Driving Suit
All Star Legend’s – Tony Bartlett

Top 7 in the Championship - 1st SA33 Mark Caruso, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd V29 Michael Tancredi, 4th V4 Phil Lock, 5th V16 James Wren, 6th Dan Evans, 7th BJ Harris

The Drivers Driver Award was again won by Phil Lock which an amazing achievement winning this award nine times. The respect he has earnt amongst his peers truly shows. Tony Bartlett was inducted into the Hall of Fame with a heartfelt speech by Promoter Mandy Searle. “It was a privilege to present this to TB, when I was compiling information for my speech it reinforced to me how much he has achieved over the years. 3 time series champ with 3 different drivers as a car owner, provided 2 car teams, won the Spud Show 2 times, His passion for us and 360’s is second to none and is another deserving member to the exclusive Legends Hall of Fame.”

Also recognised were all the series loyal sponsors and officials some who have also been with us over the past 12 seasons. Without sponsors and officials like these the Series would not be able to run at the level it currently does.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic night and congratulations to everyone!!

Your 2018-19 Champion is Mark Caruso
Tuesday April 2, 2019. All Stars Media
On a bitterly cold night last Saturday night at Timmis Speedway Mark Caruso took out his second Series Championship. “What a well-deserved result for Mark & his team, they have been fast and consistent all season, their hard work has finally paid off and now they can claim two series championship’s to their resume.

Mark won his first series back in 2011 and now eight years later has done the same thing; what a true Champion. After the heartbreak they had last season running second after tying with Paul Solomon last year and forcing a tie break countback on A Main winners, they have managed to get it done this season with a 93 point lead. It’s still only a marginal lead but enough.” the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series Promoter Mandy Searle says.

Caruso stood on the podium 5 times during the season but only once as the winner. He won the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award 5 times claiming the bragging rights to Quick Time for the season. He didn’t have it all easy though destroying his car on RD8 at Heartland Speedway, Moama.

The team took home a pile of bits and worked hard to return the following weekend at Sunline Speedway, Waikerie to have their hard work rewarded with the A Main victory. RD 10’s Spud Show also saw Caruso leading the early laps only to get swamped where Caruso decided wisely to ease up slightly and ensure he secured more points for the Championship. “Mark had all his family there to share his victory which was really nice and he also got to race against his brother Steven which was pretty cool also.” Searle said.

After starting the season off only planning to do a few shows SA96 Brendan Guerin ran second overall. Guerin was another to show speed and consistency throughout all the season and after strong results the first few shows decided to continue. This obviously worked out well for him in the end and he was very pleased with his final position. Brendan, Darryl and their small band of crew members travel out of Broken Hill, NSW every show which is an achievement on its own.

V29 Michael Tancredi placed third overall and was also pleased with his final result. Standing on the podium 4 times was an achievement but a couple of DNF’s hurt his points overall. Guru Crew Chief Tony Bartlett was on the tools for Tancredi and the pair worked well together settling Tancredi’s ‘hammer down’ driving style to make him more consistent.

7 contracted teams locked in the top 7 placings with 1st Mark Caruso -5963, 2nd Brendan Guerin- 5870, 3rd Michael Tancredi- 5763, 4th Phil Lock-5702, 5th James Wren-5652, 6th Dan Evans-5578 and 7th BJ Harris-4795.

After the Top 3 Podium on the night teams stayed for the End of Season Pit Party celebrations where awards and accolades were presented.

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