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RD 11
Ross Wright Memorial
23rd March 2019

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Tyson Perez 2019 video
Monday March 18, 2019. All Stars Media
The Spud lives up to its expectations
Monday March 4, 2019. All Stars Media
Every year spectators are treated to an action packed main event and this year’s RD10 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series was no different with SA81 Luke Dillon finally taking the checkers for the win. Caruso & Dillon lined up on the front row of the 31 lap tribute race with Caruso getting the start.

Ely moved quickly up into second with Dillon, Keller & Quinn hot on his tail. Caruso was looking fast and lead the early stages but after a few more laps Dillon was into second just waiting and when lap traffic came into play he swooped Caruso to first place. The race was hard and fast between the top 5, Dillon, Caruso, Ely, Keller, Quinn with Tancredi, Evans & Guerin adding pressure to the pack. Running flag to flag but just as the top 3 were taking the checkered flag Ely went hard into the wall at turn 4.

The top 6 – 7 cars put on a brilliant racing changing positions regularly in the fight to win Spuds night. After all the action SA14 Brendan Quinn took out second, SA44 Dan Evans was in third, Brad Keller driving the Gartner Family Racing SA16 fourth and SA33 Mark Caruso rounding out the top 5. Emotion flowed onto the Dias for presentations and the traditional “Spuds Podium P… Up Champagne” as the top 3 took a shower in the bubbly.

“This was one of the best races we have seen this season a spectator told me at the end of the night and we would have to agree with them. What a race it was, I would have just loved to be sitting on the hill watching it” Promoter Searle said.

The heat was oppressive early in the day with temperatures in the low 40s with hot winds but a cool change arrived around time trial time making conditions easier to race under. Credit must be given to the hard working Mount Gambier Committee & track crew on providing a fantastic race track with all the elements they had working against them on the day and on the build-up week with temperatures unusually high.

“It was an awesome night and we are really pleased to announce that the 10th Annual Tyson Perez Memorial has been locked in at Mount Gambier for March 21st 2020, this will be the 8th time the race has been held at the Mount making it truly the home of the Spud Show.” Searle said.

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award taken out by Mark Caruso with a 11.307

Heat wins – Mark Caruso, Luke Dillon, Mitch Smith and Scott Enderl
A Main results: 1st SA81 Luke Dillon, 2nd SA14 Brendan Quinn, 3rd SA44 Dan Evans, 4th SA16 Brad Keller, 5th SA33 Mark Caruso, 6th V29 Michael Tancredi, 7th SA96 Brendan Guerin 8th V16 James Wren, 9th SA32 Ben Gartner 10th SA22 Chad Ely, 11th SA11 Scott Enderl, 12th V6 Eddie Lumbar, 13th V4 Phil Lock, 14th V65 Kane Newcombe, 15th V75 Mitch Smith, 16th V50 Darren Clarke, 17th VA2 Boyd Harris, 18th SA91 Mike Fox -DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –Mitch Smith- $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – James Wren
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – not won
B&B Retaining Walls Best Presented Car – Brendan Guerin
B&B Retaining Walls 10th place – Chad Ely
All Star Hot Arse Award –Mitch Smith - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Boyd Harris
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Brad Keller

Who will take out Spuds Show?
Thursday February 28, 2019. All Stars Media
With the 9th annual Spud Show scheduled this Saturday March 2nd at Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier and with the names rolling in the talk is now about who will add their name to the prestigious list of winners. Travis Rilat has won the show more than anyone picking up 3 wins; Matt Egel has won twice, Daniel Pestka, Chris Solomon and Mother Nature all having one win each.

Chad Ely would be honoured to win his mates show, as would Tim Van Ginnekin. Spud was close friends to both Ely & TVG and as they have both shown in the past with their tribute cars how much this friendship meant to them. It would be an emotional result for either of them to win. This is Ely’s SA22 third & TVG’s V44 second run with the All Stars for season.

SA33 Mark Caruso is currently leading the Championship and finished 2nd last year to Pestka. Caruso took out the RD 9 win at Sunline Speedway has always wanted to win Spuds night, will this be his night? SA96 Brendan Guerin sits in 2nd place and with the consistency and speed he has shown all season will be looking for his first A Main win for the season.

V29 Michael Tancredi’s association with Tony Bartlett also makes this night special for them. Bartlett was very close to Spud and from his younger years took him on the road racing. Bartlett has also won the show as a car owner with Matt Egel in his car in the past. Tancredi has been on the podium several times this season and will want another win and in doing so making it TB’s third Spud victory.

Evans, Lock, Wren, Harris and all the All Stars get to mix it up with the SA locals Dillon, Keller & Quinn who have slotted in 360’s especially for the night.

“We have to thank GT Bobcat and Central Vic Earthworks involvement with the show. As we have said before GT Bobcat has been a long-time supporter of the show but it’s the first time Central Vic Earthworks have been involved with it. With the extra money paid out we need help to fund this show and without these guys we couldn’t do that. Paying $3000 for the win, $400 to start and total purse of $12K the money is pretty good for competitors.” Promoter Searle tells us.

Come and join in the celebration on this historic and emotional night that pays tribute to Tyson (Spud) Perez who passed away to young. “And most importantly after all the serious stuff is over at the end of the night we will have a BBQ, a drink and a laugh just as Spud used to do .” says Searle.
March 2nd Borderline Speedway Mt Gambier. SA

GT Bobcat Tyson Perez Memorial supported by Central Vic Earthwork
Wednesday February 20, 2019. All Stars Media
With the 9th annual Spud Show scheduled for March 2nd at Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier we are very pleased to announce a new sponsor for the event and welcomes back a long-time supporter. GT Bobcat and Central Vic Earthworks have taken up naming rights for the show. Paying $3000 for the win and total purse of $12K this show is a must attend for 360 teams.

“Long time sponsor GT Bobcat has supported this show for many years now and we couldn’t be happier to have them back again this year. GT & Tracy Douglass have been with us since we moved the Spud show to the Mount and again we cannot thank them enough for the support. Central Vic Earthworks have also come on board this year to help us fund the event. This is the first season they have been involved as a series sponsor and we hope it will be a long term relationship.” Promoter Searle tells us. Nominations are open so get them in ASAP to mandyallstars@bigpond.com

Be part of this historic and emotional night that pays tribute to Tyson (Spud) Perez who passed away to young.

March 2nd Borderline Speedway Mt Gambier. SA

Tear Up to Triumph
Monday February 18, 2019. All Stars Media
What a difference a week can make; this time last weekend Mark Caruso’s SA33 Cool car looked very sad and sore after a very heavy impact into the wall at Heartland Raceway. The team made the 9 hour trip back home with a destroyed race car in the back of the transporter planning how much work they would need to complete for the next round the following weekend.

All their work paid off and Caruso took out RD 9 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series. Leading it from start to finish Mark was elated when he crossed over the scales to officially claim the victory. A usually quiet Caruso climbed on top of the car and fist pumped the air. “I can’t ask for better, the night was awesome. It couldn’t have worked out better after last weekend’s disappointment. We got a breather with the yellows coming out with 9 laps to go and I thought I should be able to bring this home. I am normally not very good here but tonight it’s brilliant. It’s awesome just awesome” Caruso said at the post race interview.

Following home in second was Michael Tancredi’s V29 with SA81 Luke Dillon hot on his tail. After the restart Dillon was working on his move to pass Tancredi but the opportunity didn’t come and had to be content with3rd place. SA96 Brendan Guerin, SA5 Trigga Gates, SA95 Jarman Dalitz were also fighting for positions with Dalitz coming home in 4th place and Guerin rounding out the top 5. SA5 Gates had a good return to the Series after running selected 410 shows and with the car looking fast took out a heat win and 6th place.

Another bonus for him as he also managed to collect the Central Vic Earthworks $200 Lucky draw at the end of the night. Mid pack were SA98 Jones, SA90 Lovegrove, SA44 Evans, and SA42 Hendry also waiting for opportunities that did not arise.

“We had a small but quality field and with no reds at all thru the night we were pleased with the night especially after last weekend’s car damage at Heartland. With very hot temperature through the day the track crew had their work cut out for them and we have to thank them for their efforts.” Promoter Searle said.

Heat wins – Mark Caruso, Trigga Gates, Jamie Hendry and Michael Lovegrove.

A Main results: 1st SA33 Mark Caruso, 2nd V29 Michael Tancredi, 3rd SA81 Luke Dillon, 4th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 5th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 6th SA5 Trigga Gates, 7th SSA90 Michael Lovegrove, 8thSA98 Ryan Jones, 9th SA44 Dan Evans, 10th SA69 Cody Atkins, 11th V16 James Wren, 12th Jack Gartner, 13th V4 Phil Lock, 14th SA42 Jamie Hendry, 15th VA2 Boyd Harris, 16th SA91 Mike Fox.

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –Mike Fox - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Ryan Jones
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw –
All Star Hot Arse Award –Michael Tancredi - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Mike Fox
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Jarman Dalitz

Almost time for number 9
Thursday February 14, 2019. All Stars Media
For the third weekend in a row and the third state in a row Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series teams are heading off to Sunline Speedway, Waikerie, S.A. this Saturday night. This will be Round 9 of the 12 round series. “After 100th anniversary celebrations over the past two weekends this weekend should be a bit less pressure, but having said that points for the End of Season Championship will really start to get serious so maybe not.” Searle tells us.

Currently SA33 Mark Caruso is leading the Championship but after a shocker last weekend at Moama that destroyed his car the team have had to rebuild and recoup. SA96 Brendan Guerin sits in second and is closing on Caruso with only 18 points the difference.

V4 Phil Lock is running third with only 78 points the difference between him and Caruso. V29 Michael Tancredi is 4th and V16 James Wren rounds out the top 5. Wren was also involved with Caruso last weekend and has had to burn the midnight oil all week to prepare for this weekend. Current SA 360 State Title holder Dan Evans won at Sunline back in December and is always a hard charger and will want to do well at his home track.

Making a return to the series is SA95 Jarman Dalitz, SA69 Cody Atkins and SA5 Trigga Gates. All three have been All Star regulars in the past and are looking forward to running with the regulars again. 410 competitor SA81 Luke Dillon has secured a 360 Maxwell lease engine for the night. SA90 Michael Lovegrove, SA42 Jamie Hendry, S16 Jack Gartner, and VA2 BJ Harris also add to the show.

On track action from 5.30. Sunline Speedway, cnr Sturt Hwy & Ziegler Rd. Waikerie.

Parr victorious on Locks night
Monday February 11, 2019. All Stars Media

Young Brayden Parr again showed talent beyond his years by picking up the A Main win of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Heartland Raceway. Parr started out of 5 and on a rubber down track worked his way through an action packed field to take the lead on Lap 19.

V7 Paul Solomon led for first few laps before being passed by SA44 Dan Evans. About third race distance the reds were bought on by SA33 Mark Caruso, V16 James Wren and V92 Matt Reed, with Caruso heavily impacting the catch fence in Turn 3.

An open red was called while track fence repairs were carried out and this gave teams time to access their tyre situation early on in the race. Caruso and Wren both incurred major damage which ended their nights. Reed managed to repair his car and restart the event working his way up to 9th with an ill handling car.

At the restart Evans was soon to be passed by Solomon again while Parr was sitting in third waiting for the right opportunity to strike. When he made his move SA96 Brendan Guerin and V65 Kane Newcombe also made moves into 2nd and 3rd. Solomon had to be content with 4th while his younger brother Chris passed Evans for 5th in the last couple of laps. SA32 Ben Gartner had a solid run for 7th with VA91 Dan Scott, V92 Matt Reed and v50 Darren Clarke rounding out the top 10.

V33 Micka Holt went for a wild ride in Heat 1 which took the front off his car. Rookie to the series Dillon Ghent in the Bruce Stephens Racing V91 became tangled in the incident and as a result his night was ended also. Both drivers required further medical checks and fortunately both were cleared and released from hospital shortly after.

The night was kicked off with an emotional start with a fitting tribute to Phil Lock who was celebrating his 100th series round. Lock’s V4 carried the Australian flag during the national anthem and slowly circulated with the All Star Pace car beside him while all the 22 teams lined the front straight to applaud his efforts.
“It was a site that gave you goose bumps and certainly an honour to be a part of.” Promoter Searle said. “We tried to make a fuss for Locky as this achievement is certainly one to be recognised. I think it worked and at the end of the night we had all the extended crew/family get up on the stage for a photo shoot.”

Heat wins – Dan Evans, Matt Reed, Eddie Lumbar and Kane Newcombe

A Main results: 1st V77 Brayden Parr, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd V65 Kane Newcombe, 4th V7 Paul Solomon, 5th V83 Chris Solomon, 6th SA44 Dan Evans, 7th SA32 Ben Gartner, 8th VA91 Dan Scott, 9th V92 Matt Reed, 10th V50 Darren Clarke, 12th V29 Michael Tancredi, 13th V6 Eddie Lumbar, 14th VA2 Boyd Harris, 15th SA98 Cheian Perrett, 16th V78 Chris Campbell, 17th V75 Mitch Smith, 18th SA16 Jack Gartner-DNF, 19th SA33 Mark Caruso-DNF, 20th V16 James Wren-DNF

Contingency Winners

IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Dan Evans - $100 cash

Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Dan Scott

Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Paul Solomon

All Star Hot Arse Award –James Wren - Fire Extinguisher

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Paul Solomon – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine

Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Mitch Smith

BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Paul Solomon

Its Lockys turn
Friday February 8, 2019. All Stars Media
After the celebrations of turning 100 last weekend it is now Phil Locks turn to celebrate 100. The Series stalwart has only missed one round since the series commenced back in 2007-08 and as he rolls into Heartland Raceway for RD8 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series this Saturday he clocks up his 100th show. “What an incredible effort this is.
His loyalty, passion and dedication to the All Stars is amazing and we cannot thank him enough for his support over the years. He was the first member of our Hall of Fame “Legends” Award back in 2011/12 and he has won the Drivers Driver Award 8 out of the 10 times it has been given. Our drivers have actually renamed the award and affectionately call it the “Locky” Award. Phil has been supported over all these years by the same crew members and these guys must also be thanked for not only their hard work with Phil but also their loyalty to us also.” Promoter Searle says.

Matthew Reed is returning to try and double up his victory in his V92 Maxim. Reed has 2 series wins so far this season so No.3 would be a bonus. V29 Michael Tancredi showed speed last weekend and wants to repeat his RD2 victory.
SA44 Dan Evans has secured a Maxwell lease engine for the night and will be one to watch. Current Series Champ Paul Solomon & Chris Solomon are both making a return this Saturday. Throw in SA33 Mark Caruso, SA96 Brendan Guerin, V77 Brayden Parr, V78 Chris Campbell all wanting to take out first place. With a strong field nominated teams will be looking for consistency to lock in points for the Championship

Driver giveaways and autograph sessions and with cooler weather forecast at Moama it should make for perfect racing conditions. Come and be part of the All Star action and help to celebrate Lockys 100th show.

Heartland Raceway, Moama where the actions starts at 6.00pm.

And the Champagne flowed.
Monday February 4, 2019. All Stars Media
After a thrilling finish Mathew Reed, Michael Tancredi and Jordyn Charge got to stand victorious on the Podium to celebrate the 100th Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series round. Tancredi and Charge swapping for 2nd and 3rd with Tancredi pipping him at the line by .011 of a second.

Battling the heat, track preparations and finally the lights going out teams got to line up for the A much later than preferred but the wait was well worth it. ‘Mr Speed’ Matthew Reed and Brendan Guerin lined up on the front row with young charger Jordyn Charge and Mark Caruso behind them. Just as the race was about to get under way V7 Paul Solomon retired with a flat front tyre. Guerin got the lead at the start and looked strong but spun after half race distance in Turn 4 bringing on the yellows forcing him to try again from the rear.
With Reed in the lead Lock had moved up into second and had Mark Caruso fighting him for the position. Tancredi & Charge were working their way from 4 and 5th and with lap traffic coming into play managed to move up into 2nd and 3rd. Reed was being challenged by Tancredi & Charge in the dying stages of the race but laps ran out and Reed took out the win and his name will now go down in the history books as the winner of the 100th Series round.
The night was officially opened with the National Anthem and flag bearers Paul Solomon, Brad Foster, Phil Lock & Matt Reed all carrying Aussie flags as a tribute to them all of whom competed with the series in its first season.
What a race; what a night; it had it all - a nail biting Main, drama, emotion and then a party at the end to celebrate. “I am so proud of everyone and have to thank them all for being a part of our special night.
The drivers, the mums and dads and families, the crews, the sponsors, my team, the track officials and everyone that was there to share our night making it extra special for us. It’s all of them that make us the All Star Family that we are.” Mandy Searle told us at the end of the night.

Heat wins – Jordyn Charge, Michael Tancredi, Darren Clarke, and Dan Evans

A Main results: 1st V92 Matt Reed, 2nd V29 Michael Tancredi, 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge, 4th V4 Phil Lock, 5th S44 Dan Evans, 6th V34 Brenten Farrer, 7th S33 Mark Caruso, 8th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 9th VA2 Boyd Harris, 10th V11 Brad Foster, 11th V50 Darren Clarke, 12th Ben Gartner, 13th V16 James Wren, 14th SA91 Mike Fox, 15th SA98 Cheian Perret, 16th V33 Michael Holt-DNF 17th V7VA91 Dan Scott, 18th V75 Mitch Smith, 19th SA11 Scott Enderl, 20th V78 Chris Campbell, V7 Paul Solomon-DNS

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Darren Clarke - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Brendan Guerin
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Jackpot to $400 next round
All Star Hot Arse Award – Brayden Parr- Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Cheian Perrett
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Phil Lock

All Stars celebrate a milestone
Thursday January 31, 2019. All Stars Media
At Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham a milestone event will take place this Saturday with the running of the Series 100th round.

“Who would have ever thought all those year ago on February 9th 2008 at Bacchus Marsh Speedway we would get to celebrate 100 rounds. We had 18 cars at our first ever show which a great effort back was then as 360s weren’t very popular. We held our first drivers meeting and amongst those drivers were Phil Lock, Brad Foster, Paul Solomon, Chris Solomon & Tony Moule. These guys are still standing strong at our Drivers meetings today and giving a bit of cheek as our series elders. Then there are the Father’s & Sons back then we had Mark Charge, Darryl Guerin, Karl Ender & Chris Evans and we now have their sons competing with us – Jordyn Charge, Brendan Guerin, Scott Enderl and Dan Evans.

This is very cool. It is because of guys like these and all the others that we have continued to succeed over the years. What an achievement it is for us. I could not be prouder.” Mandy Searle tells us.

With a strong field of 26 cars coming to celebrate the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series RD 7 the action will be guaranteed.

After a gut wrenching finish at Simpson for Dan Evans SA44 Maxim with engine failure in Heat 1 and his second motor for the season Evans has managed to secure a lease engine to enable him to continue. Evans was leading the series going into the show at Simpson but slipped back to 6th by the end of the night. SA33 Mark Caruso, V29 Michael Tancredi , SA96 Brendan Guerin, V4 Phil Lock and V16 James Wren will all be looking to lock in strong results to enable them to increase their run for the End of Season Championship.

Current Series Champ Paul Solomon is also returning for the night in the V7 as well as past champ Brenten Farrer in the V34 is also retuning. Both showed strong results at the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic 2 weeks ago. In the mix we can’t forget the young hard chargers – V77 Brayden Parr, V60 Jordyn Charge & V75 Mitch Smith who are all capable of taking the major points and the money. Reed, Campbell, Holt and many more will all help make the night a thriller.

Racing starts at 6.00pm Blue Ribbon Raceway, 1650 Blue Ribbon Rd, Kalkee. Horsham.

ALL STARS call for Nominations for the 100th Show.
Thursday January 24, 2019. All Stars Media
With a milestone event coming up nominations are now open for the 100th Series Round. This is being held at Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham on February 2nd.

“After a very successful Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge held a couple of weeks ago our teams have either had a couple of weekends off or bolted in 410ci engines, but now we are set to get back to business with racing 3 weekends in a row.

Any 360 competitor interested in competing is welcome and we would love to have you celebrate 100 shows with us” Mandy Searle says.

Nomination Forms are available for the www.sprintcarallstars.com.au and can be emailed to mandyallstars@bigpond.com or faxed to 03 9338 7476

A night to remember
Monday January 14, 2019. All Stars Media
In front of a full house USA stars and the All Stars put on a night to remember. People will be talking about the spectacle of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge at Simpson Speedway on Saturday night for a long time. “My phone went crazy late that night and yesterday with messages of congratulation and saying it was the best race people have ever seen.

The night had it all – a great car count, a Pole Shoot Out that was worth the price of the admission on its own and then to top it off the A Main was a nail biter.” said an elated Mandy Searle.
Only just flying in from the States in the last day or so both Tim Kaeding and Gio Scelzi had their induction into Heystbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway and passed with flying colours. Introduced in the early part of the day to the thousands of locals (Flies) that came out on the sunny day was an experience for them alone and then the serious part of the night came with racing.

Both congratulated the track on putting on a great race track which allowed slide jobs and passing and both indicated their wish to return again.

TK in the Dan Scott owned USA91 Maxim lined up on pole with a past All Star Series Champ Mark Caruso in the SA33 Cool beside him. Kaeding got the start with Brett Millburn’s VA29 following him into one on the inside line.

Yellows were bought on after 9 laps with the top 4 of TK, Milburn, Caruso and Farrer holding their own. Bogucki and Scelzi had been working their way up the field after starting 8th and 9th.

3 short laps after the yellow Scelzi was up into 2nd and hot on the tail tank of TK. Lap after lap Scelzi worked on TK looking for the place to pass him but didn’t get the opportunity. Meanwhile Bogucki, Murcott, Farrer, Ely, Quinn were holding their own battle.

Caruso had backed up with an ill handling car and after a touch in the main straight bought out the yellows with only 2 laps to go and left Caruso to be dragged infield minus one front end. At the restart TK ran low into 1 and managed to hold off Scelzi who crossed the line in 2nd and Bogucki 3rd. Unfortunately Scelzi went back to the pits without gong the scales for the Top 5 compulsory postrace weigh in. The Indy Race Parts Team was gutted when advised of the youngster’s mistake.

Current leading the Series SA44 Dan Evans had a shocker incurring engine failure in his second heat which ended his night. V6 Eddie Lumbars night was ruined by engine failure at Engine Starts and as a result the team could not continue. The 2nd Indy Race Parts Team of V2 Domain Ramsay was another that had their hands full all night trying to sort out engine gremlins. The Gremlins won and Ramsay’s night was over.

“Again it’s an honour for us to have these yanks run with us. What a buzz for Caruso to line up on the front row with legend Tim Kaeding, and what a thrill for Anthony Foster to start his heat alongside Gio who is a star of the future. They must get such a thrill out of it I know that I do. After a disappointing show last year with rain running the night for us what a way to make a comeback.” Searle said.

Brenten Farrer’s first night back with the All Stars for the season and he picked up the Oval Express Magazines Quick Time Award with a 13.472. Collecting a 12 month subscription of the mag and also won a complete nerf bar set which was sponsored by Melbourne Stainless Fabrication. Not a bad reward for 13 seconds of his day.

Heat wins –Mark Caruso, Brayden Parr, Brett Milburn, Gio Scelzi, Tim Kaeding, and Chris Solomon

A Main results: 1st USA91 Tim Kaeding, 2nd VA27 Scott Bogucki, 3rd SA14 Brendan Quinn, 4th SA96 V34 Brenten Farrer, 5th V70 John Vogels, 6th SA22 Chad Ely, 7th V88 Dave Murcott, 8th V77 Brayden Parr, 9th V44 Tim Van Ginneken, 10th VA29 Brett Milburn, 12th V60 Jordyn Charge, 13th V92 Matt Reed, 14th V29 Michael Tancredi, 15th V4 Phil Lock, 16th V7 Paul Solomon, 17th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 18th V16 James Wren, 19th SA33 Mark Caruso – DNF, 20th USA71 Gio Scelzi –didn’t scale

B Main : 1st Phil Lock, 2nd Jordyn Charge, 3rd Chris Solomon, 4th James Wren, 5th Paul Solomon, 6th Michael Tancredi, 7th Chris Campbell, 8th Mitch Smith, 9th Brad Foster, 10th Kane Newcombe, 11th BJ Harris, 12th Andrew Thompson, 13th Anthony Foster, 14th Justin Morris, 15th Charles Hunter- DNF, 16th Michael Holt-DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Michael Holt - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Brayden Parr
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Brendan Guerin
All Star Hot Arse Award –Dave Murcott - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Brenten Farrer – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – James Wren
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Brenten Farrer

TK takes the money.
Sunday January 13, 2019. All Stars Media
After a nail biting 35laps and with Scelzi on his tail Kaeding crossed the line first and secure the win.

Unfortunately Scelzi didnt go to the scales after the feature moving the remainder of the field up.
Below are the official final placings.
Full report to follow.

Star studded Challenge
Wednesday January 9, 2019. All Stars Media
With the largest line up of cars ever for the running of the 9th Annual 360 Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge the countdown to this coming Saturday’s show at Heytesbury Stockfeed Simpson Speedway is almost over. $10K is on the line for the winner and the opportunity to lock their name into the history books.

Young 16 year old Californian rookie Gio Scelzi is having his first run in Australia after arriving from the States thru the week. Scelzi is having a limited Australian Tour and Simpson is his first stop. After wowing them in States he picked up his first World of Outlaws win at Williams Grove in September and in doing so becoming the youngest feature winner in the 40 year history of the Outlaws. Scelzi will team up in the USA71 alongside car owner Domain Ramsay in the VIC2 Indy Race Parts Team.

Returning from his very successful season in the States for Christmas is Scott Bogucki where he took out the converted “Rookie of the Year’ Award for the Lucas Oil ASCS Series. Bogucki is also the 2014-15 Series Champion and he is driving the Porker Transport VA27. Scott had his first run back home at Mildura last weekend but they had some mechanical gremlins, with the week to sort these out the team will be ready to go again.

Victory Lane Racegear’s V88 is a regular supporter of the show and this year has joined forces again with the very talented Dave Murcott. Murcott has already locked in excellent results in the 410 over the past couple of months. Matt Reed and John Vogels have both won the show in the past and have just come off WSS Speedweek with great results. Vogels is the local home town favourite will have the crowd behind him.

Recently crowned King of the River & 360 SA State Champ Dan Evans is high on confidence after already taking out 3 out of the 5 series rounds so far. Evans in the family owned Chris Evans Transport SA44 Maxim has certainly stepped it up this season.

TVG has secured a 360 power plant for the night as well as SRA regular Charles Hunter. Ely, Farrer, Milburn, Lumbar, Quinn, both the Solomon Brothers, Charge & Parr have all installed their 360 engines after running 410 shows earlier in the season.

“What a cool honour it will be our All Star contracted teams – Evans, Tancredi, Caruso, Guerin, Lock, Dalitz, Wren, Holt, Harris to race with these guys. A life time experience for them and all of them are capable of winning. With the disappointment of last year’s Challenge washout we are keen to get this one done & dusted.” says Mandy Searle. “We also have an impressive 8 past series champs out of our 10 winners all together for one event and that makes it a pretty special also.”

This is also RD 6 of the Series with Championship points starting to become important our All Stars will not only want to take the money from the names but also secure top points towards their championship battle.

If you’re looking for an action packed Saturday night the place to be is Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway for the All Star Challenge where the racing will hard and fast. Time Trials kick off at 5.15 and racing at 6.15pm.

King Dan
Monday January 7, 2019. All Stars Media
In front of a packed house Dan Evans in the Chris Evans Transport’s SA44 Maxim won his third A Main in the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Timmis Speedway and in doing so also locked in the West Coast Concrete King of the River mini-series.
The youngster had an entourage of family and friends present to support him and their delight was evident when the entire crew came out onto the infield to congratulate him. “It was and epic night and I couldn’t be happier” said Evans.
In what is common over the last few shows Evans and Mark Caruso’s SA33 Cool lined up on the front row of the A again with Caruso getting the start and leading for the first few of laps. Evans got the opportunity and passed Caruso into T4 and held the lead for the remainder of the race.
Caruso held a strong second with young charger Jordyn Charge in the V60 in third. This was the second podium for Charge in his second All Star appearance this season. SA96 Brendan Guerin 4th and V92 Matt Reed rounding out the top 5.
Returning from the States where he drives full time now Scott Bogucki drove the Porker’s Transport VA27 Maxim. Unfortunately for the team they had mechanical issues at the start of the night making them miss Time Trials. In doing so that placed them to the rear of the heats and missing valuable points also made their start in the A at the back of the bus.
Bogucki managed to race his way up to 7th before being involved in a yellow and sitting the remainder of the race on the infield. Regular All Star SA95 Jarman Dalitz was another to encounter mechanical issues forcing him to miss both his heats. With an extended crew of helpers they managed to repair the damage before the A allowing Jarman the opportunity to run. Starting out of P15 in the A Dalitz worked his way up to 8th position.
Plugga, Ben & the entire Timmis Speedway Club must again be congratulated on providing an excellent race track after the extreme heat and wind they endured the week before. Fortunately the weather changed on Saturday to a balmy 28 degrees allowing for more comfortable racing conditions.

Heat wins – Dan Evans, James Wren, Jordyn Charge and Mark Caruso
A Main results: 1st SA44 Dan Evans, 2nd SA33 Mark Caruso, 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge, 4th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 5th V92 Matt Reed, 6th V4 Phil Lock, 7th V16 James Wren, 8th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 9th V29 Michael Tancredi, 10th V75 Mitch Smith, 12th SA91 Michael Fox, 13th VA27 Scott Bogucki - DNF, 14th VA2 Boyd Harris-DNF, 15th V53 Andrew Thompson=DNF, 16th VA44 Craig Pfeiffer-DNF, 17th V71 Colin Brooks-DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Andrew Thompson - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Jarman Dalitz
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Jackpot to $400 next round
All Star Hot Arse Award –Matt Reed - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Brendan Guerin – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Michael Fox
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Brandan Guerin

Daniel Evans takes out rd 5 and West coast Concreting Series
Sunday January 6, 2019. All Stars Media
Very Happy Winner of the West coast Concreting King of the River Series and Rnd 5 of the Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers Allstars Series at Mildura tonight, Daniel Evans

Full race report to follow.

A main results

1. S44 Daniel Evans
2. S33 Mark Caruso
3. V60 Jordyn Charge
4. S96 Brendan Guerin
5. V92 Matthew Reed
6. V4 Phillip Lock
7. V16 James Wren
8. S95 Jarman Dalitz
9. V29 Michael Tancredi
10. V75 Mitchell Smith
11. V33 Michael Holt
12. S91 Mike Fox

Who will be crowned the West Coast Concrete King of the River?
Thursday January 3, 2019. All Stars Media
After a few weekends off the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is ready to return this Saturday night at Timmis Speedway, Mildura. Teams have had time to regroup and restock after a full race calendar during November and the start of December.

Only 14 points separate the top 5 in the West Coast Concrete ‘King of the River’ mini-series. What a way to start 2019 and with several teams in contention to claim not only the Crown but the $2500 on offer it will be a thrilling way to finish the mini-series and with double points on offer for the final it really is anyone’s to win. 8 teams have contested all rounds of the mini-series showing the popularity it has developed.

Dan Evans SA44 is currently holding a one point lead with 1058. V29 Michael Tancredi sits in second with 1057. SA96 Brendan Guerin– 1054, Reigning King of the River Mark Caruso is 4th on 1052 and V4 Phil Lock on 1044 rounds out the top 5. After purchasing his own 360 ‘Mr Speed’ Matthew Reed will be having his first run back at Timmis for a few seasons. Reed won RD 3 at Heartland Raceway and wants to secure another A Main Victory.

With a weekend off the 410 division young charger Jordyn Charge’s V60 is another returning to the Series. Charge is always on to watch and has been on the All Star podium already this season. All the regulars are making the trip back to Mildura for the second time this season – V16 James Wren, SA95 Jarman Dalitz, VA2 BJ Harris, V33 Michael Holt just to name a few.

Unfortunately Terry McCarl has had to cancel his 2019 Tour due to work commitments. “We were pretty disappointed when his car owner Ken Hutchins rang us with the news, but probably not as disappointed as Ken was so we just have to move on and hope T Mac can reschedule next year.” Searle says.

“Mildura always put on a great race track for us and with the added incentive to win the West Coast Concrete King of the River we can guarantee it will be a fantastic nights racing.” Promoter Searle says.

Wednesday December 19, 2018. All Stars Media
T Mac has locked in for the third year in a row for the richest 360 show in Australia. Terry McCarl is again driving the Melbourne Stainless USA24 and is looking forward to running at the ‘Avocado shaped’ track as he affectionately nick-named the little Bungador bull ring.

With $10K on the line for the winner it is no wonder teams are starting to nominate. “Everyone is optimistic after the washout last year which deprived us of a winner.” Promoter Searle tells us. McCarl will also be competing at Timmis Speedway, Mildura for RD 5 of the series on January 5th.

Past Series Champ’s Mark Caruso’s SA33 and VIC 34 Brenten Farrer have also locked in for the show. Hard Charger Tim VanGinneken’s VIC 44 is making a return to 360 ranks for the weekend. TVG ran third to the Yanks in 2017 and hoping to improve on this.

West Australian based WA30 Jamie Landrigan is another to nominate early and has been running both 360 & 410’s the last couple of weekends. Landrigan is a regular competitor in West Australia and trips backwards and forwards from Port Hedland. Newly crowned SA 360 Champ SA44 Dan Evans has shown speed all season and is excited to be competing in the Challenge. Michael Tancredi’s V29 Cool is another to get his name in early.
Tancredi has already been on the podium a couple of times this season.

With $10,000 for 1st, $2600 -2nd, $1800-3rd, $1500-4th, $1200-5th, $1000-6th back to $600 just to start the A is a fantastic payout for 360 teams. A total of $27K in prize money paid out. Any competitor interested in competing is welcome to be a part of the 9th Annual Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge.

“This is pretty exciting for both the All Stars and Simpson and puts us right up there with other major sprintcar events in January. It is the third $10K to win show we have run and shows our dedication to the annual event which is held the weekend before the Grand Annual Classic. It kicks off a week of major race meetings in the state with the Presidents Cup being held at Avalon and the Kings Challenge at Mt Gambier then finishing at Warrnambool with 3 nights for the Classic.” says Mandy Searle.

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers Annual All Star Challenge is held at Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway January 12 2019. Get your nomination in now. Forms are available from www.sprintcarallstars.com.au and can be emailed to mandyallstars@bigpond.com or faxed to 03 9338 7476.
Two out of three isn’t bad
Monday December 10, 2018. All Stars Media
SA44 Dan Evans in the Evans Transport Maxim won his second 360 South Australian Title Saturday night at Sunline Speedway for RD 4 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series. At only 22 years of age Daniel has won two out of the last three S.A Title’s.

At such a young age to be recording these results shows the
talent Evans has. It was also Evans second Series feature win for the season after locking in RD 1 at Timmis Speedway.

Evans and Mark Caruso’s SA33 Cool lined up on the front row of the A with Caruso getting the start and leading for the first couple of laps. Unfortunately Caruso spun; Evans, Guerin & Lovegrove who were also running at the front avoided the incident but left WA30 Jamie Landrigan with nowhere to go and ended his night. The travelling West Australian was disappointed but casually commented – “that’s racing”; but still a disappointment for all the team that travelled from Port Headland to compete.

Caruso received top wing and rear nerf damage but was able to continue. At the same time the current series point’s leader V29 Michael Tancredi had a flat left rear which ended his race. SA96 Brendan Guerin put in a solid run locking in second place, with SA90 Michael Lovegrove home in third, SA8 Terry Pitt fourth and SA95 Jarmin Dalitz rounding out the top 5.

SA42 Jamie Hendry broke his Sunline luck with a solid 6th position. In the past Hendry hasn’t managed to get any good results at Sunline and 6th would certainly be a confidence boost to him. Another to have had a Waikerie curse is SA69 Cody Atkins and he too managed to finish the night without any damage. Caruso handled his ill handling car for 27 laps to finish in 9th and in doing do lock up some more points towards the championship.

Again weather played havoc with the night with temperatures in the mid 40’s throughout the week and winds to almost match. Then the rain clouds arrived just after Time trials forcing the venue to rework the race track before any other racing could be carried out. This was completed and the night recommenced but rain threatened all night forcing everyone to hustle around these conditions and team running to the best of their ability.

Heat wins – Jamie Landrigan, Dan Evans, Jarman Dalitz, and Michael Lovegrove
A Main results: 1st SA44 Dan Evans, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd SA90 Michael Lovegrove, 4th SA8 Terry Pitt, 5th SA95 Jarman Dalitz, 6th SA42 Jamie Hendry, 7th V4 Phil Lock, 8th V16 James Wren, 9th SA33 Mark Caruso, 10th SA69 Cody Atkins, 11th SA91 Michael Fox 12th V29 Michael Tancredi, 13th VA2 BJ Harris, 14th WA30 Jamie Landrigan, 15th SA98 Cheian Perrett

Points for the West Coast Concreting King of the River: 1st V29 Tancredi-1059, 2nd SA44 Dan Evans - 1058, 3rd SA96 Brendan Guerin – 1054 4th SA33 Mark Caruso - 1052, 5th V4 Phil Lock - 1044, 6th SA95 Jarman Dalitz – 1036, 7th V16 James Wren – 1030 8th VA2 Boyd Harris - 992

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Michael Fox - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – James Wren
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Cody Atkins $400 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –- Fire Extinguisher - Jamie Landrigan
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Brendan Guerin – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Michael Fox
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Terry Pitt

S.A 360 Title time
Thursday December 6, 2018. All Stars Media
After a two weekend layoff the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series head to the Riverland region of South Australia for RD4 at Sunline Speedway, Waikerie this Saturday night. “Over the past 3 shows we have travelled to S.A, Victoria & N.S.W all following the Murray River and are now heading back into SA again.
These shows are all part of our West Coast Concreting King of the River mini-series. Yes it’s a bit of travelling but we hope the couple of weekends off have given all our teams a chance to freshen up and catch up on whatever needed catching up on.” Mandy Searle says.
Saturday night’s show will also incorporate the South Australian 360 Sprintcar Title and with a $1500 purse for the winner, second paying $1100 and third $900 it is pretty good incentive for the teams. “The South Australian Sprintcar Club have sourced additional sponsors for the show and thanks must be given to All States Auditing & Accreditation and Maxwill Racing Engines for coming on board to help out.” says Searle.

Michael Tancredi’s V29 is showing a lot of speed under the wing of Crew Chief Guru Tony Bartlett will have his second run at Sunline. Tancredi has been on the podium twice already but he would love to take out the South Australian Championship and add to his collection of State title wins. Mark Caruso has slotted his 360 back in after running his 410ci engine last weekend at Murray Bridge. Caruso’s calculated driving style ensures he is always at the front of the field at the end of the feature. SA44 Daniel Evans is another that has shown increased speed this season and was unfortunate not to finish with engine failure while easily leading at Heartland in RD3. Hard charging Brendan Guerin’s SA96 is quite capable of winning, the same goes for SA90 Michael Lovegrove.
West Australian Jamie Landrigan and crew have made the trek across the Nullarbor to compete again. Landrigan actually lives in Port Hedland so it’s a long 4,000k trip for them. Landrigan ran last season at Waikerie and liked the little track so has made the trip back. Don’t rule out James Wrens V16, Jarman Dalitz SA95, Cody Atkins SA69, SA42 Jamie Hendry, SA8 Terry Pitt just to name a few more.
A strong field of 18 cars will test their skill around the small 360mtr track and with it being 12 months since they last raced their no one will have a home track advantage. This is the opening show for Sunline for the season and they can be assured that the All Stars will put on some close and exciting racing for the night.
Racing from 5.00pm Sunline Speedway, Waikerie. SA

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