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A night to remember
All Stars Media posted Monday January 14, 2019.

In front of a full house USA stars and the All Stars put on a night to remember. People will be talking about the spectacle of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge at Simpson Speedway on Saturday night for a long time. “My phone went crazy late that night and yesterday with messages of congratulation and saying it was the best race people have ever seen.

The night had it all – a great car count, a Pole Shoot Out that was worth the price of the admission on its own and then to top it off the A Main was a nail biter.” said an elated Mandy Searle.
Only just flying in from the States in the last day or so both Tim Kaeding and Gio Scelzi had their induction into Heystbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway and passed with flying colours. Introduced in the early part of the day to the thousands of locals (Flies) that came out on the sunny day was an experience for them alone and then the serious part of the night came with racing.

Both congratulated the track on putting on a great race track which allowed slide jobs and passing and both indicated their wish to return again.

TK in the Dan Scott owned USA91 Maxim lined up on pole with a past All Star Series Champ Mark Caruso in the SA33 Cool beside him. Kaeding got the start with Brett Millburn’s VA29 following him into one on the inside line.

Yellows were bought on after 9 laps with the top 4 of TK, Milburn, Caruso and Farrer holding their own. Bogucki and Scelzi had been working their way up the field after starting 8th and 9th.

3 short laps after the yellow Scelzi was up into 2nd and hot on the tail tank of TK. Lap after lap Scelzi worked on TK looking for the place to pass him but didn’t get the opportunity. Meanwhile Bogucki, Murcott, Farrer, Ely, Quinn were holding their own battle.

Caruso had backed up with an ill handling car and after a touch in the main straight bought out the yellows with only 2 laps to go and left Caruso to be dragged infield minus one front end. At the restart TK ran low into 1 and managed to hold off Scelzi who crossed the line in 2nd and Bogucki 3rd. Unfortunately Scelzi went back to the pits without gong the scales for the Top 5 compulsory postrace weigh in. The Indy Race Parts Team was gutted when advised of the youngster’s mistake.

Current leading the Series SA44 Dan Evans had a shocker incurring engine failure in his second heat which ended his night. V6 Eddie Lumbars night was ruined by engine failure at Engine Starts and as a result the team could not continue. The 2nd Indy Race Parts Team of V2 Domain Ramsay was another that had their hands full all night trying to sort out engine gremlins. The Gremlins won and Ramsay’s night was over.

“Again it’s an honour for us to have these yanks run with us. What a buzz for Caruso to line up on the front row with legend Tim Kaeding, and what a thrill for Anthony Foster to start his heat alongside Gio who is a star of the future. They must get such a thrill out of it I know that I do. After a disappointing show last year with rain running the night for us what a way to make a comeback.” Searle said.

Brenten Farrer’s first night back with the All Stars for the season and he picked up the Oval Express Magazines Quick Time Award with a 13.472. Collecting a 12 month subscription of the mag and also won a complete nerf bar set which was sponsored by Melbourne Stainless Fabrication. Not a bad reward for 13 seconds of his day.

Heat wins –Mark Caruso, Brayden Parr, Brett Milburn, Gio Scelzi, Tim Kaeding, and Chris Solomon

A Main results: 1st USA91 Tim Kaeding, 2nd VA27 Scott Bogucki, 3rd SA14 Brendan Quinn, 4th SA96 V34 Brenten Farrer, 5th V70 John Vogels, 6th SA22 Chad Ely, 7th V88 Dave Murcott, 8th V77 Brayden Parr, 9th V44 Tim Van Ginneken, 10th VA29 Brett Milburn, 12th V60 Jordyn Charge, 13th V92 Matt Reed, 14th V29 Michael Tancredi, 15th V4 Phil Lock, 16th V7 Paul Solomon, 17th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 18th V16 James Wren, 19th SA33 Mark Caruso – DNF, 20th USA71 Gio Scelzi –didn’t scale

B Main : 1st Phil Lock, 2nd Jordyn Charge, 3rd Chris Solomon, 4th James Wren, 5th Paul Solomon, 6th Michael Tancredi, 7th Chris Campbell, 8th Mitch Smith, 9th Brad Foster, 10th Kane Newcombe, 11th BJ Harris, 12th Andrew Thompson, 13th Anthony Foster, 14th Justin Morris, 15th Charles Hunter- DNF, 16th Michael Holt-DNF

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Michael Holt - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Brayden Parr
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Brendan Guerin
All Star Hot Arse Award –Dave Murcott - Fire Extinguisher
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Brenten Farrer – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine
Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – James Wren
BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Brenten Farrer

An elated top 3 Scott Bogucki, Tim Kaeding & Brendan Quinn


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