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Who will take out Spuds Show?
All Stars Media posted Thursday February 28, 2019.

With the 9th annual Spud Show scheduled this Saturday March 2nd at Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier and with the names rolling in the talk is now about who will add their name to the prestigious list of winners. Travis Rilat has won the show more than anyone picking up 3 wins; Matt Egel has won twice, Daniel Pestka, Chris Solomon and Mother Nature all having one win each.

Chad Ely would be honoured to win his mates show, as would Tim Van Ginnekin. Spud was close friends to both Ely & TVG and as they have both shown in the past with their tribute cars how much this friendship meant to them. It would be an emotional result for either of them to win. This is Ely’s SA22 third & TVG’s V44 second run with the All Stars for season.

SA33 Mark Caruso is currently leading the Championship and finished 2nd last year to Pestka. Caruso took out the RD 9 win at Sunline Speedway has always wanted to win Spuds night, will this be his night? SA96 Brendan Guerin sits in 2nd place and with the consistency and speed he has shown all season will be looking for his first A Main win for the season.

V29 Michael Tancredi’s association with Tony Bartlett also makes this night special for them. Bartlett was very close to Spud and from his younger years took him on the road racing. Bartlett has also won the show as a car owner with Matt Egel in his car in the past. Tancredi has been on the podium several times this season and will want another win and in doing so making it TB’s third Spud victory.

Evans, Lock, Wren, Harris and all the All Stars get to mix it up with the SA locals Dillon, Keller & Quinn who have slotted in 360’s especially for the night.

“We have to thank GT Bobcat and Central Vic Earthworks involvement with the show. As we have said before GT Bobcat has been a long-time supporter of the show but it’s the first time Central Vic Earthworks have been involved with it. With the extra money paid out we need help to fund this show and without these guys we couldn’t do that. Paying $3000 for the win, $400 to start and total purse of $12K the money is pretty good for competitors.” Promoter Searle tells us.

Come and join in the celebration on this historic and emotional night that pays tribute to Tyson (Spud) Perez who passed away to young. “And most importantly after all the serious stuff is over at the end of the night we will have a BBQ, a drink and a laugh just as Spud used to do .” says Searle.
March 2nd Borderline Speedway Mt Gambier. SA


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