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All Stars honour their teams
All Stars Media posted Thursday April 4, 2019.

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer’s All Star Series were pleased to get the opportunity to congratulate their Drivers, Teams and Sponsors at the end of season Presentation Pit Party at Timmis Speedway last Saturday night. A large crowd stayed for the ‘Awards’ ceremony held at the end of the night.

In what has become an All Star tradition the show kicked off with a video presentation highlighting the end of a very successful 12th season. “This is a fantastic way start the formalities and reminds teams of what they have achieved over the past 12 shows; we are not too good at formal so making them laugh before we start I believe is a good thing. The lay back Pit Party has been a favourite for all our teams over the years so that’s why we stuck with it again. ” Searle says.

And the accolades went to:

Outstanding Achievement – Evans Family Racing
H’s Star Award – Mark Caruso
Best Presented Car & Crew – Michael Tancredi – 2nd year in a row
Crew Chief of the Year – Byron Phillips
Most Improved – Brendan Guerin - Winning 4 Max Wheels from Max Dumesny Motorsport
Mr Consistency Award – James Wren
Vortex Altitude Award – Mark Caruso - Winning an Outlaw Top wing from Vortex Racing Products
Rob Barker Encouragement Award – BJ Harris.
Drivers Driver –Phil Lock – Winning a Velocita Helmet
Velocita Lucky Draw – Phil Lock – Winning a Velocita Custom Driving Suit
All Star Legend’s – Tony Bartlett

Top 7 in the Championship - 1st SA33 Mark Caruso, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd V29 Michael Tancredi, 4th V4 Phil Lock, 5th V16 James Wren, 6th Dan Evans, 7th BJ Harris

The Drivers Driver Award was again won by Phil Lock which an amazing achievement winning this award nine times. The respect he has earnt amongst his peers truly shows. Tony Bartlett was inducted into the Hall of Fame with a heartfelt speech by Promoter Mandy Searle. “It was a privilege to present this to TB, when I was compiling information for my speech it reinforced to me how much he has achieved over the years. 3 time series champ with 3 different drivers as a car owner, provided 2 car teams, won the Spud Show 2 times, His passion for us and 360’s is second to none and is another deserving member to the exclusive Legends Hall of Fame.”

Also recognised were all the series loyal sponsors and officials some who have also been with us over the past 12 seasons. Without sponsors and officials like these the Series would not be able to run at the level it currently does.

Thanks everyone for a fantastic night and congratulations to everyone!!

Michael Tancredi & Brendan Guerin drown the winner Mark Caruso in champagne


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