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Hoosier Searle – Baker   "H"     Sprintcar Allstars Mascot

Age: R.I.P
Lives: Sunbury Vic
Chassis: Tibeton Terrior x German Sheppard
Occupation: Office Manager at  Max Dumesny Motorsport
Highlights: 360 Australian Title – Mildura. 2004/05.
Sponsors: Mandy & Freddie

Mandy Searle

Lives: Sunbury VIC
Partner/Children Freddy, 2 Children Kate and Leah plus grand kids
Superstitions none
Occupation: currently office work that interferes with my life !

WSS for 20 of its  21 year history. Winning ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Sport Award’  in the Australian Sprintcar Poll and being presented at Knoxville raceway.

Years in speedway 37 – but seems like only yesterday !!

Kerrie Donnelly

Lives:  Melbourne VIC
Partner/Children Steve/no
Superstitions No major ones but their is defiantly a pair of lucky undies for race night
Occupation: ERP Business Administrator
Highlights: 6 years with WSS, first female race director in sprintcars
Years in speedway 24 - daughter of a driver, crew and official.

Len Edwards

Lives: Metford NSW
Partner/Children Wife Sharyn, 4 kids, Todd, Russell, Holley and Isaac
Superstitions None that i will admit to
Occupation: Steelworker Onesteel Newcastle
Highlights: WSS Chief Steward(6 years) Stewarding many other classes, Last Club President of Newcastle Litre Sprintcar Club
Years in speedway 35+ years, Crewing, Driving and Officiating


Mark Hales

Lives: Adelaide SA
Partner/Children Wendy
Superstitions None that I can think of, none that I will let Wendy put in writing.
Occupation: Retail Manager/Trainer

Australian Sprintcar Title Murray Bridge 2004- 05 Inducted Travis Rilat to the Australia Speedway Public with Tony Bartlett

Years in speedway 1 Year working with Australian Sprintcar All Stars as an official  4 Years working with WSS as an official  6 Years crewing Barlett Racing  14 Years member of (6 Years as President) Sprintcar Action South Australia

Matthew "RUNT" Hamilton

Lives: Melton VIC
Partner/Children always looking !
Superstitions green at race tracks
Occupation: Camera Man
Highlights: Working with the Big Screen and World Series Sprintcars Now with the Allstars
Years in speedway 6

Blair Caldwell

Lives: Tallamarine VIC
Partner Cassandra
Superstitions The Number 13
Occupation: Cattle Classisfier
Highlights: travelling with Team Hoosier and meeting Jed Bell
Years in speedway 5 years
Keith Mitchell



Wife Gerry, Son Callum and chocolate labradore Katie share
a house with 3 cats - Foxy, Sooty and Gordon Ramsey


Never open umbrellas indoors - my dad always said it was bad
luck, no idea why but


Project and Risk Manager


Walking into Wembley Stadium (London) with over 100,000 other
fans to see the Solo World team Cup and nowadays any night that has a good,
non stop dog fight amongst the traffic, feature race. And running with the
All Stars!

Years in speedway

I've been going to the speedway since I was a kid in the
UK and when I was old enough I got a job at the local track as a raker,
pusher and on the starting gate for the Halifax Dukes solo team.

Michael 'Paris' Karfut 


Deer Park VIC

Partner/Children Single - But Always Looking
Occupation: Pastry Chef
Years in speedway  



Thornbury VIC


Single/ Not Yet but would love kids


I always put my right shoe on first. Not sure why but it's just become a habit of mine. 


Baggage Handler with Virgin Australia at Melbourne International Airport


Commentating various State Title, National Title and Series races

Years in speedway

24. Since I was 6 months old I used to go every time Avalon was on. I've been involved for the last 7 years
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