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JMac shines supreme
The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge teams were greeted with trying conditions as they rolled into the pits at Heystbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway yesterday as rain clouds hovered over the venue most of the afternoon, but to the credit of the hard working Committee and volunteers they managed to salvage the race track. “For a while I thought we might have been done for the night but the lads worked hard and the ‘never give up’ attitude of everyone at Simpson shone through. So after some perseverance and hot lapping the track; the sell-out Covid Crowd got to experience a fantastic nights racing; drivers used their heads on a very hooked up race track and we only had one red for the entire night. That’s pretty impressive.” said Mandy Searle.

McFadden returned to Simpson after 10 years and had nothing but accolades for the venue. Monte Motorsport made the long haul from WA only last week to run the event after plans changed in West Australia for them over the Christmas period. So in what may be have been a spur of the moment decision turned out paying them $10K for the effort and the Simpson locals got to experience the 2019 360 Knoxville Nationals champ in action.

JMac lined up on the pole alongside local Charles Hunter for the 35 lap A Main. Grant Anderson having his first run in the Foster owned V11 started in 3 and young gun Rusty Hickman 4th. South Aussie Jarman Dalitz and Brad Warren driving the Cole owned V84 in fifth and sixth. McFadden wasn’t to have it given to him easily with Hunter getting the start and leading for the first half of the race. Hunter, McFadden & Hickman were up to lap traffic and with cars almost 4 wide going into turn 2 McFadden took the lead. Yellows were bought on a couple of laps later with V34 Brenten Farrer pulling infield with mechanical problems. SA33 Mark Caruso and VA50 Jesse Nicholas pulled in on the same yellow. Anderson and Pestka were holding their own race swapping positions 5 and 6 with Ando finally crossing ahead and Pestka having to be content with 6th. Mid pack Tancredi, Enderl, TVG, Warren and Farr who qualified thru the B were battling it out and putting on a great show for the crowd. All Stars regular Paul Solomon had a night he would rather forget hurting his engine before the show even started. D7 Matthew Reed made a return to racing after having some time off and looked immediately comfortable back in the seat, unfortunately retiring with only 7 laps to go in the A. Dalitz was another whose night didn’t end well with contact eventually forcing him infield. Supercar hero Cam Waters got more valuable laps under his belt finishing both his heats and the B Main. Heavy track conditions caught some drivers out but the show lived up to its hype and put on some nail biting racing.

Heat wins – Tim Van Ginneken, Jarman Dalitz, Ryan Davis, Hickman, Grant Anderson, and Charles Hunter.
A Main results: 1st James McFadden, 2nd Charles Hunter, 3rd Rusty Hickman, 4th Grant Anderson 5th Daniel Pestka, 6th Michael Tancredi, 7th Robbie Farr, 8th TVG, 9th Brad Warren, 10th Jordyn Charge, 11th Eddie Lumbar 12th Matthew Reed - DNF 13th Chris Solomon DNF, 14th Jarman Dalitz – DNF, 15th Daniel Scott – DNF, 16th Scott Enderl - DNF, 17th Mark Caruso – DNF, 18th Jessie Nicholas – DNF, 19th Brenten Farrer– DNF, 20th Ryan Davis – DNF.
Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw –Phil Lock - $100 cash
Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – TVG – Vortex Front Wing
Hoosier Hero – James McFadden – Hoosier WAV tyre
Flocon Lucky 7 – Robbie Farr - $100 cash
Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – not drawn - $200 cash
All Star Hot Arse Award –Jessie Nicholas - Fire Extinguisher
TEH Hard Charger – Robbie Farr - $100 bonus
BF 10 – Jordyn Charge - $100 Fuel Card
Oval Express Quick Time overall for Hot Laps Charles Hunter - $50 cash

“Well that’s it for another year, this show just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I can’t wait for January 2022 and see what the racing gods can throw up at us again. The race always lives up to its name throwing up every challenge possible. We can’t thank Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers and all the sponsors that support us for this show, as well as all of the Simpson Speedway Team who work particularly hard. Without them all we can’t make it happen.” said a relieved Searle.





Sprintcar All Stars would like to thank their valued partners -:- Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers

Vortex Racing Products, Hoosier Tire Australia Pty Ltd, GKR Transport, Flocon

Max Dumesny Motorsport,  Oval Express, Sprintcar World, BARUP Bullbars,  

Idigit Pty Ltd, Mortimer, Maxam Printing, Westralian Diamond Drillers.

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