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Chrissy by a split second

In what can only be described as a nail biting finish the newly formed V11 Foster/Solomon team driver Chris Solomon took out bragging rights for Rd 1 of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series on Saturday night at Blue Ribbon Raceway. V40 Rusty Hickman was on Solomon’s tail for lap after lap and the pair did trade positions a few times.
Hickman made one last ditch effort to pass as the chequers came out but as the pair crossed the line almost together Solomon came out slightly in front. With a solid drive SA14 Brendan Quinn came home in 3rd, SA96 Brendan Guerin 4th and V68 Brett Milburn rounded out the top 5.

Solomon brothers Paul & Chris lined up in the front row of the A with Davis & Hickman behind them. Greens dropped but the first lap wasn’t completed. Caruso & Loader tangled with both of them rolling into T1 unfortunately ending the night for both of them. At the restart Paul got the jump and led until Chris managed to pass leading the race until the finish. Lap traffic came into play about third way through allowing Hickman, Quinn, Guerin, Davis & Milburn the opportunity to trade positions.

Farmer Phil made his return but probably didn’t have the night he may have wanted. Minor mechanical problems caused him to not start his first heat. With repairs made he won his 2nd heat but had brake issues in the feature causing him to pull infield.
VA9 McClure Racing Team with Jamie Hennessy behind the wheel also had a shocker with engine gremlins at Hot Laps, with the problem solved they managed to take a time in time trials, but the rear end exploded putting him into the wall and finished his night. He hit with such a force repair work had to be done to the Pit Gate before the night could continue.

Travelling over from Adelaide for his first trip to Horsham SA3 Ben Morris was another with night 1 gremlins. Running 2nd in Heat 1 he had an oil fire at the completion of the heat, Morris was fine, but the car sustained damage ending his night also.
Racing was hard and fast, and the crowd were treated to an excellent night.
Heat race wins went to A1 Mark Caruso, Chris Solomon, Steve Loader & Phil Lock.

A Main results: - 1st V11 Chris Solomon, 2nd V40 Rusty Hickman, 3rd SA14 Brendan Quinn, 4th SA96 Brendan Guerin, 5th V68 Brett Milburn, 6th V7 Paul Solomon, 7th V95 Ryan Davis, 8th v65 Kane Newcombe, 9th VA91 Dan Scott, 10th V47 Jeremy Kupsch, 11th NS22 Jarreth Argus, 12th N46 Stacey Galliford, 13th D21 Zac Farrer - DNF, 14th V4 Phil Lock- DNF, 15th VA2 Boyd Harris-DNF, 16th D26 Todd Moule-DNF, 17th V10 Steve Loader-DNF, 18th A1 Mark Caruso – DNF, 19th VA75 David Donegan-DNF,

Contingency Winners
IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Ryan Davis- $100 cash
Hoosier 5 - Brett Milburn – WAV tire
Bar Up 8 – Kane Newcombe - product
Bullseye Lucky 7 – Ryan Davis- $100 cash
Heath Hunter Hire Quick Time Award –Mark Caruso– $100 cash
HCC Maxie’s Keep on Fighting Award – Todd Moule - $100 cash
TEH Hard Charger – Stacey Galliford - $100 cash
Hickmans Tree Maintenance 4 – Brendan Guerin - $200 cash
Auto Premier Last Man Standing – Stacey Galliford - $100 cash
Mint Build Lucky Draw – Jarreth Argus- $100 Fuel Card

A Sacrifice Scooter Random draw was held with D21 Zac Farrer winning the cool Scooter & goodies bag.

Top 3 Rusty Hickman, Chris Solomon, Brendan Quinn



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